The Queue Putter

The Queue Putter from Play On Golf Corporation comes in varying loft, lies and lengths.

The Queue Putter removes the involvement of the small muscles in the hands an arms to give your putting stroke a true pendulum type of stroke instantly.

Use our revolutionary arm position or our armpit position. The Shoulders completely stroke your putt using our suggested alignment system. The Putter is USGA Legal right down to the split grip. The trailing rails give it a proprietary stability un-matched in the industry.

Try our Putter today and you’ll never leave it.

The investment is $190.00 and shipping is free. All orders include a instruction video and contact to one off our staff golf instructors for a complimentary consult on your putting game.

The Dreamswing

Que Putter

Well as the CEO of I can tell you that this is by far the best golf training tool for your swing that I have ever come across as of yet.

This is the first Swing Plane Trainer that provides resistence against making errors
The Dream Swing has PROVEN to be the first true golf plane trainer ever.
The Dream Swing is a Compass for the Golf Swing.

It sets up and adjusts to guide and force the arms, hands and club to travel on a perfect swing plane for every golfer in the family. Just watch a few of these remarkable videos and discover how you to can finally swing like the pro's